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RooRoo enjoys retirement at Black Beauty Ranch

RooRoo todayThe Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas famously serves as a sanctuary for wild and rescued horses, but the ranch also provides a home to some unusual rescues like RooRoo.

In 2004, the ranch staff received a call asking if they could take a gray circus kangaroo.  The circus used to place RooRoo in the ring to box with other kangaroos.

Injuries from boxing, including broken bones, caused RooRoo to develop an infected upper arm and led to him being surrendered to a veterinarian to euthanized. Instead, the vet amputated the arm, which was too damaged to save, and surrendered RooRoo to the Black Beauty Ranch.

Today, RooRoo enjoys his life at the ranch, spending his time with Kingston, an elderly billy goat. In a new enclosure being built this year, the two friends will have plenty of grass to graze, a large shelter for cold winter nights or hot sunny days, and be close enough to the human care staff to receive daily treats, enrichment, and some scratches between the ears. supports the HSUS/Fund For Animal sanctuaries, including the Black Beauty Ranch, through contributions from The Animal Rescue Site and others.

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