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Results — How You're Helping

Your clicks count! The tables below show results from your clicks — along with those of other visitors — on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.

Last year, visitor clicks funded 389,872 books for children in need. Purchases at The Literacy Site store funded an additional 16,179 books.

Each year, as costs rise, we can still help with a free daily click. Tell others to increase the impact we're able to make together. Thank you for taking action!

Results : Daily and Monthly

DateClicks# of books
May 2243,676436.8
May 2148,235482.4
May 2047,437474.4
May 1949,075490.8
May 1846,180461.8
May 1737,320373.2
May 1637,787377.9
May 1545,806458.1
May 1448,673486.7
May 1350,145501.4
May 1247,999480.0
May 1151,748517.5
May 1037,065370.7
May 0935,824358.2
May 0846,679466.8
May 0748,636486.4
May 0649,778497.8
May 0548,966489.7
May 0451,488514.9
May 0339,036390.4
May 0236,295362.9
May 0146,518465.2

DateClicks# of books
Apr. 20151,391,50413,915.0
Mar. 20151,454,02514,540.2
Feb. 20151,367,69413,676.9
Jan. 20151,497,97914,979.8

Results : Yearly

DateClicks# of books

This year, we can do even more to promote literacy in the U.S. and provide educational opportunities to others around the world. Together, we're making the world a better place. Thank you for your support!

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