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Support Women

Young girls in Malawi face tremendous adversity when it comes to personal autonomy. They're encouraged to stay in the home and have very few opportunities for education or personal development.

All women deserve the chance to accomplish their goals.

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Orphaned Schoolgirls

Help Orphaned Girls in India

There are an estimated 18 million children in India living on the street, without homes or access to education.

This Gift that Gives More helps provide quality housing and schooling to Calcutta's most vulnerable children.

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Coats for the Homeless

Coats for the Homeless

Homeless and impoverished people have difficulty protecting themselves from the harsh elements of winter, which makes them vulnerable to illness and hypothermia.

Support Soles4Souls, which seeks to provide over 100,000 coats to the homeless all around the world.

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Children Should Be Students, Not Soldiers

Children who are forced to fight in military operations lose the opportunity to have a childhood. When children lose the opportunity to grow, learn, and pursue their dreams, their entire nation suffers as a result.

Show your support for the "Children, Not Soldiers" campaign, and help end the militarization of children by 2016.

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Ten Appalling Films that Were Adapted from Great Books

Sometimes a film simply doesn’t do justice to a book… and other times it completely butchers the source material. Filmmakers have been known to add, subtract, or combine characters and plot points to the utter dismay of faithful readers.

Have a look at WatchMojo's ten bad films that were made from great books. Do you agree with the list?

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Contribute to Literacy
Contribute To Children's Literacy
Since The Literacy Site began in 2004, together we have funded more than 1,000,000 books for children in need—many of them a child's first book! Your daily clicks make a difference in thousands of lives. Now, there's a new way to help! Donate to support worthy charities making strides in increasing literacy.

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