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Orphaned Schoolgirls

Help Orphaned Girls in India

There are an estimated 18 million children in India living on the street, without homes or access to education.

This Gift that Gives More helps provide quality housing and schooling to Calcutta's most vulnerable children.

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The Best Teachers Are Priceless

Teachers and a student

We all remember that one teacher who encouraged us to grow, who told us we could be and do anything we could imagine. Honor that teacher today.

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Here Are 79 Words You've Been Saying Wrong the Whole Time

YouTube superstar John Green understands that sometimes you might pronounce something incorrectly. However, though he may understand, he wants you to stop. That's why he took to mental_floss to clarify the pronunciation of seventy-nine words that all-too-often are said all-too-wrong.

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Thank the Teacher Who Changed Your Life!

It's time we recognize those teachers who have given of themselves to influence our lives and given us the tools to succeed beyond the classroom.

Sign the pledge in honor of that one teacher who helped you see a subject in a new light, who pushed you further than you thought you could ever go, who helped to change your life.

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Native American GED Students

Fund Native American GED Students

High unemployment and even higher dropout rates are plaguing Arizona's Tohono O'odham Native American community. The NAAF is working hard to combat this startling issue and empower children through their GED program, a crucial opportunity to break barriers and give the people of Gu’Vo District the tools to progress in the community.

Help give eager students the tools to earn a GED!

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Support GROW
Support GROW - Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide
Help girls access a secondary education to lay the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment. In much of the developing world, families choose to send their sons to school, if they can afford to send anyone at all.

Help provide the funding for tuition, books, uniforms and whatever else is standing in the way for girls to get the education they deserve.

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