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Help Them Get a GED!

Graduation rates for Native Americans are the lowest in the U.S.—dropout rates exceed 51%.

The NAAF is supporting them with much-needed laptops, resources and transportation to their specially-designed learning center.

Help Native American Students Graduate »

Haitian Girl

Support GROW

In Haiti, fewer that 30% of girls attend secondary school.

You can help fund innovative, effective programs that keep Haitian girls in school throughout their secondary education years, laying the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment.

End the cycle of poverty. Donate today »

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Empower Rural Weavers

Empower Rural Women Weavers Through Education

Basic education in reading, writing, and number literacy is critical to a woman improving her earning potential, but education has not yet reached many rural women in the landlocked, southern African country of Swaziland. Tintsaba seeks to provide self-reliance and confidence to these women through a literacy and numeracy (number literacy) curriculum.

You can help this program continue! This Gift That Gives More™ enables eight students to participate in four lessons with a literacy trainer.

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