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Make Election Day a Holiday

By making Election Tuesday a federal holiday, a large percentage of registered voters would finally be able to cast their vote in national elections. Ask the President to make Election Day a Federal Holiday to ensure all eligible Americans are able to cast their vote!

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School for Leah

Leah Ganton belongs to the B'laan tribe of South Cotabato in the Phillippines. She lost her mother due to illness, and her father is illiterate and unable to provide for their large family. She was sent along with her sister Girlie to the Haven of Hope Orphanage. Leah is currently studying at Holy Cross Academy and hopes to one day become a teacher.

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Help ensure Salu and her classmates stay in school!

For many girls around the world, the greatest barrier to completing school is that poverty forces girls to leave school to earn money for their family. Many girls, like Salu, are helping their parents to earn a basic income, while also caring for their younger siblings. During Girls' Voices, girls around the world learn to share their hopes and dreams for completing school and to share their greatest barrier to completing school. Our goal is that girls gain confidence, financial support, and the ability to navigate the challenges that may prevent them from completing school.

During the Girls' Voices workshop, Salu created a video about the realities of attending school while also helping her father in their tea shop. Her piece, No Time to Study, showcases the time deficit many girls around the world face while trying to attend school. Despite her difficulties, Salu is determined to complete school. She says, "No one can make you feel inferior if you are educated".

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