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A Girl in School at Mirwais Mena

Rides to School

In 2008, several girls attending the Mirwais Mena School were attacked by men with acid, a common tactic used by the Taliban.

You can help provide safe rides to school for these brave Afghan girls. Your donation offers security so they can focus on their enrichment and education.

Get These Girls to School Safely »

Prevent Malaria

Malaria kills more than 1 million people a year, most of them children.

Insecticide-treated bednets are a proven, cost-effective way to save lives. Sadly, in Rwanda, where families struggle simply to survive, they are often beyond reach.

Help Save Children's Lives With Bednets »

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Educate Girls for a Peaceful World

The Zabuli Education Center in Deh' Subz , Afghanistan was opened to help break the cycle of poverty through access to an education in a very poor area. By providing these girls with an education, an environment is being created that can protect them from the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, and hunger.

This Gift That Gives More provides educators and their students with the essential tools they need to function in a thriving, engaging learning environment every day.

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