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Support Women

Young girls in Malawi face tremendous adversity when it comes to personal autonomy. They're encouraged to stay in the home and have very few opportunities for education or personal development.

All women deserve the chance to accomplish their goals.

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TEDTalk: The Power of Introverts

Do you feel more energized when you're by yourself? Learn About Introverts' Untapped Power »

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Ian McKellen Tells Students To Study As Only Gandalf Could

What happens to students who don’t spend enough time on schoolwork? Sir Ian McKellen has the perfect, Gandalf-inspired answer. Find out what he said to these U.K. high school students!

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Support GROW - Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide

Help girls access a secondary education to lay the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment. In much of the developing world, families choose to send their sons to school, if they can afford to send anyone at all.

Help provide the funding for tuition, books, uniforms and whatever else is standing in the way for girls to get the education they deserve.

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Credit Card Companies Must Not Profit From Charitable Donations

When disasters strike, credit card companies win big—for each transaction, Visa, MasterCard and others take a cut, even when the money is being sent to charity. Help put an end to this unjust practice!

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Buses Urgently Needed for Safety of Afghan Schoolgirls
For a girl living in Afghanistan, going to school can be dangerous. In early November 2008, two men sprayed acid into the faces of girls as they walked to school, causing serious injury. In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Safe Ride to School program was created to purchase a school bus and hire a driver. Five years later, the bus is breaking down and we need to purchase another to ensure the girls of Mirwais Mena School get to class safely.

This Gift That Gives More helps a young Afghan girl get a safe ride to school by contributing to the purchase of a new bus.

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