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Malala Receives the Nobel!

At 17, Malala Yousafzai is the youngest ever Nobel Prize winner. See Her Leave John Daily Speechless »

Prevent Malaria

Malaria kills more than 1 million people a year, most of them children.

Insecticide-treated bednets are a proven, cost-effective way to save lives. Sadly, in Rwanda, where families struggle simply to survive, they are often beyond reach.

Help Save Children's Lives With Bednets »

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Fund Native American GED Students

High unemployment and even higher dropout rates are plaguing Arizona's Tohono O'odham Native American community. The NAAF is working hard to combat this startling issue and empower children through their GED program, a crucial opportunity to break barriers and give the people of Gu’Vo District the tools to progress in the community.

Help give eager students the tools to earn a GED!

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Lend Your Voice to Support Syrian Children

The children of Syria can't afford another year of suffering. Together with partners all over the globe, UNICEF is asking 1.2 million people to stand up for the children of Syria. By signing this pledge, you will support a five-point plan to help build a better future for Syria's children.

Sign the Pledge

What Does it Mean to be Literate in the 21st Century?

Technological breakthroughs have redefined the literacy skills that will be necessary for youth to function successfully in the world they are growing up in.

What exactly does literacy mean today? It's far more than just being able to read!

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Buses Urgently Needed for Safety of Afghan Schoolgirls
For a girl living in Afghanistan, going to school can be dangerous. In early November 2008, two men sprayed acid into the faces of girls as they walked to school, causing serious injury. In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Safe Ride to School program was created to purchase a school bus and hire a driver. Five years later, the bus is breaking down and we need to purchase another to ensure the girls of Mirwais Mena School get to class safely.

This Gift That Gives More helps a young Afghan girl get a safe ride to school by contributing to the purchase of a new bus.

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