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School Lunch

What Are Kids Eating?

School cafeterias all across the United States are serving junk food to kids on a daily basis.

Tell Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack that, since food feeds the brain, we need our children well fed.

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Epic Harry Potter Fail

An artificial intelligence keyboard machine was fed all seven Harry Potter novels and then asked to write a new chapter on its own.The results were hilarious! »

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Help Send Mariatu to School for a Year

Mariatu needs $1,500 to send her to school at Vickrays Community Primary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Mariatu is one of the many orphans who lost both parents to the Ebola epidemic in Africa the past year. She has gone through a very difficult time financially and emotionally. The rest of her family struggles to get by, earning less than a dollar a day. Right now, Mariatu resides in Develop Africa's Dream Home - an orphanage for those effected from the Ebola crisis. Mariatu has big dreams of becoming a lawyer and is excited for an education.

You can help.

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