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Rights for Teachers

Recently, the US Court of Appeals upheld an act that greatly limits the bargaining rights of Wisconsin's teachers.

Ask Governor Scott Walker to protect public employees' rights to fair wages and working conditions!

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Haitian Girl

Support GROW

In Haiti, fewer that 30% of girls attend secondary school.

You can help fund innovative, effective programs that keep Haitian girls in school throughout their secondary education years, laying the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment.

End the cycle of poverty. Donate today »

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Empower Rural Weavers

Empower Rural Women Weavers Through Education

Basic education in reading, writing, and number literacy is critical to a woman improving her earning potential, but education has not yet reached many rural women in the landlocked, southern African country of Swaziland. Tintsaba seeks to provide self-reliance and confidence to these women through a literacy and numeracy (number literacy) curriculum.

You can help this program continue! This Gift That Gives More™ enables eight students to participate in four lessons with a literacy trainer.

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