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Education in Nigeria

Twelve-year-old Nailatu Al-Quasm has the good fortune of being one of the few girls attending school. She is a part of a progressive family wherein education is insisted upon. »

Reading Opens Doors

Give Books

Literacy is of primary importance in today's world. Yet in the United States, the majority of children from low-income families have no age-appropriate books.

This Gift That Gives More gives ten children their first books and the opportunity to discover a lifelong love of learning.

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Educate Girls for a Peaceful World

The Zabuli Education Center in Deh' Subz , Afghanistan was opened to help break the cycle of poverty through access to an education in a very poor area. By providing these girls with an education, an environment is being created that can protect them from the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, and hunger.

This Gift That Gives More provides educators and their students with the essential tools they need to function in a thriving, engaging learning environment every day.

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Susan B. Anthony Was Arrested for WHAT?!

Do you know what crime Susan B. Anthony was once arrested for? Suffragette and civil rights supporter, Anthony played a pivotal role in demanding rights for all of America's citizens, women in particular. Learn more about this brave woman who spent a lifetime advocating for the rights of women.

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Teachers Determine Success! Invest in Good Educators for Every Student!

We need to make sure we keep our best teachers in the classroom and we reward them with pay that reflects the importance of their work so that every kid has the opportunity to learn from a great teacher. Support efforts to recruit, reward and retain great teachers for all American students.

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Buses Urgently Needed for Safety of Afghan Schoolgirls
For a girl living in Afghanistan, going to school can be dangerous. In early November 2008, two men sprayed acid into the faces of girls as they walked to school, causing serious injury. In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Safe Ride to School program was created to purchase a school bus and hire a driver. Five years later, the bus is breaking down and we need to purchase another to ensure the girls of Mirwais Mena School get to class safely.

This Gift That Gives More helps a young Afghan girl get a safe ride to school by contributing to the purchase of a new bus.

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