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Pioneer in Flight

Video: Weaving Tomorrow

When Bessie Coleman looked up to the skies, she saw her future. It didn't matter that no one would teach her to fly.
Watch her story.

School Girls

"The solution is one, and it is simple. It is education, education, education."

—Malala Yousafzai, 16, addressing the Harvard Foundation

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Encourage Good Reading Habits At A Young Age

Our children learn the most from watching and interacting with us. As parents and family, we strive to set good examples, but we're often crunched for time. Learning to be literate is a gradual process, and we can facilitate it with a few simple daily or weekly routines.

  • Read great stories to your children.
  • Set an example - read with your children.
  • Write with your children. It's fun!
  • Explore the internet together.

Click here for some fabulous resources.

State of the World

Today, that is no longer the case. International efforts to increase girls access to education and therefore their ability to work has improved the lives of many girls and young women. But customs often die hard, and it takes many years to fully transform a culture.

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Help Protect Tibet's Cultural Heritage
The Chinese public school system in Tibet is struggling. With a lack of supplies and trained teachers, education is further hampered by the materials that are provided by the government - in Mandarin Chinese, not the students' native Tibetan.

You can provide Tibetan primers for an entire village classroom.

More Ways You Can Help

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