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The Book That Started It All

Greenish antique glass bottle lying with the letter on the sand

A family found a beautiful antique bottle washed up on the shore in Australia, with something inside. Soon, they realized that it was no ordinary discovery. The note inside was from 132 years ago...

Make Her Dream a Reality!

Sandra is still in high school and her dream is to pass her General Certificate of Education, so she can then take nursing classes and earn a medical degree. Find out how you can help.

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Help send Floriane to school!

Floriane is a 14-year-old girl living in Douala, Cameroon. Her father abandoned her and her sister when they were very young. Floriane has been living in an orphanage since she was 7 years old. She attends her local school but is often not able to go because of the cost of tuition and basics like school supplies. Still, Floriane is very motivated to complete 8th grade and complete secondary school. Despite limited resources, Floriane and other orphans make cookies to sell to raise funds for tuition.

"Floriane enjoys music and creative writing and wants to become a singer and art producer. She is currently participating in's Girls' Voices program and is excited to soon share her projects with you!

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