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The Book That Started It All

Greenish antique glass bottle lying with the letter on the sand

A family found a beautiful antique bottle washed up on the shore in Australia, with something inside. Soon, they realized that it was no ordinary discovery. The note inside was from 132 years ago...

They Are Patriots, Too

Military life is full of uncertainty and upheaval, but these brave families endure it to protect & serve their country. Now we can help them. Help provide therapy for military children with autism.

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Send Naicha to School for Another Year

Naicha lives with her 3 siblings in a thatched roof, dirt floor home. They share the floor to sleep on, and struggle to get enough food to feed them all.

Naicha knows that education is the key to accessing opportunity as she grows up, and she applies herself at school, every day. She is a great helper in the classroom, asking thoughtful questions to try to understand how the world works. Having learned how to read, she hopes to help others do the same when she grows up. She would love to be a teacher or a nurse, and helps conduct student physicals by taking height and weight measurements to practice for her future.

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Garden Friends Wind Chime
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