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Support Free Speech

Trump has said, "I have a running war with the media." He has launched an unprecedented battle against the freedoms of information, speech, and press. The American people won't stand for a president and administration which views the First Amendment as a threat. It is time to tell Trump to respect those who report the facts.

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Tibetan Students Learn about their Culture

Save Culture

Tibetan Healing Fund (THF) is creating children's books, written in Tibetan and based on Tibetan folklore, regional geography, local customs, life skills, and significant historical events and places.

This Gift That Gives More provides Tibetan heritage primers for a classroom of Tibetan students.

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Send Christine to High School for a Year

Christine's story in her own words: My name is Christine. I was born in Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. When I was a little girl, my parents separated. My father brought my siblings and me to a different province. Soon my father passed away. My siblings and I were brought back by my mother to Digos City. Since we did not have a house to live, we would usually look for a waiting shed at the end of the day and sleep there at night. During the day, my mother would peddle ice cream around the city and four of us siblings would tag along. When the burden of caring for us proved too heavy for our mother, she brought us to Haven of Hope Orphanage. My siblings and I have been in the orphanage for 7 years now. I am grateful that our mother left us at the orphanage. It is a safe place for us to live, together with other orphaned and abandoned children. Next month in April, I will be graduating from Dawis Elementary School. In June, I will start my high school education. (there is no junior high) What I enjoy doing the most during my free time is singing, dancing and fixing the hair of my siblings and friends. But my heart’s desire is to become a teacher some day. I ask you to please help me realize my heart’s desire. I need your help with my schooling. I need help for my tuition and miscellaneous fees, fare, school supplies, books, school projects and uniforms. I will be very grateful for any help you can extend to me so that I can continue with my schooling and have a better future.— Christine You can help. Your gift provides Christine the ability to be in high school for a full year.

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Diamonds On My Sleeve Top
Take Flight Flip Flops
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