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Kids and Physical Boundaries

Understanding who can be touched, how, and in what context, can be confusing for both kids and adults on the autism spectrum. Check out this helpful video! »

Child Soldier

Protect Net Neutrality!

Net Neutrality may be repealed, which would allow internet providers to police themselves.

Show your support of net neutrality and holding Internet providers to the standards of open, equal Internet access by signing the petition.

Make Your Voice Heard »

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Help Asabaawebwa Gorret Attend School

Asabaawebwa comes from a peasant family of nine siblings. Her parents earn very little from tilling the land and selling of the crops to meet family needs and pay for their school fees. It has been difficult to pay the fees for all nine children. The kids are sent home from time to time as fee defaulters. Two of her siblings gave up with studies even before completing their ordinary level examination. They stay home with no clear idea of what to do for their future. Asabaawebwa, on the other hand, decided that she must push on with education in spite of the hardships in her life. It is her dream to be the first graduate from their family. She has missed many lessons and even stayed away from school for a year at one time, but she persevered and resisted the idea of opting to get married.

You can help.

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Blown-Glass Plant Watering Globe
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