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Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world, for teachers shape our children and impart values we take with us for the rest of our lives. They play a critical role in our development.

But it's widely known that teachers aren't being paid fairly. And one senator from Alabama says it should stay that way — because paying teachers low is a "biblical" principle.

Senator Shadrack McGill thinks that keeping teachers' salaries low is a biblical mandate that ensures only the most dedicated individuals enter the profession. He said, "It's a Biblical principle. If you double a teacher's pay scale, you'll attract people who aren't called to teach..."

Yet McGill approved a 67% pay increase for legislators in 2007, claiming this would help curb bribes!

Let Senator McGill know you don't agree with his logic and tell him to make advancing Alabama's educational system a top priority.

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Dear Senator McGill:

I am outraged that you think teachers shouldn't be paid what they're worth, so as to discourage individuals from entering the profession for monetary reasons. In fact, you went so far as to say that paying teachers low is a "biblical principle."

You yourself have children — wouldn't you like to see each of them receive the best possible education from grade school through college? Wouldn't you agree that a teacher's abilities are directly proportional to a child's success?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you have contradicted your own comments. The fact is, paying teachers low does NOT ensure only the most dedicated enter the profession. Rather, it undermines the effectiveness of current teachers as well as discourages potentially competent individuals from the career path.

If we want quality teachers in the classroom, we must pay them what they deserve.

Please reconsider your comments and shift your focus to improving Alabama's education system.


Petition Signatures

Feb 7, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Feb 4, 2016 MSgt Michael Pound, US Army, Retired
Feb 3, 2016 mickie wiggins
Feb 2, 2016 Elizabeth Frost
Feb 2, 2016 Diane Gravette
Feb 2, 2016 Neville Bruce
Feb 1, 2016 Camile Dionne-West
Feb 1, 2016 Paul-Denis Clermont
Feb 1, 2016 Linda L.-Schaeffer
Feb 1, 2016 Donald Larson If we follower your logic, everyone should be paid a low salary including government officials.
Feb 1, 2016 Cathy McCauley This should be done everywhere. Our teachers are a valuable resource.
Jan 29, 2016 Corina mitrov
Jan 28, 2016 Janice Banks
Jan 27, 2016 M Lerman
Jan 23, 2016 Virginia Ilardi
Jan 19, 2016 Harmen Eijzenga
Jan 18, 2016 Danuta Watola
Jan 17, 2016 Barbara Vieira
Jan 16, 2016 Maria Teresa Schollhorn
Jan 16, 2016 Sheila D
Jan 16, 2016 Ed Vieira
Jan 16, 2016 natasha salgado
Jan 16, 2016 AniMae Chi
Jan 11, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Jan 10, 2016 Allison Richards
Jan 10, 2016 Marilyn Wellman
Jan 10, 2016 Sandra Stanley What a JOKE you are for a senator - paying teachers low is a biblical principle. What a crock - you certainly do NOT represent your state. Shame on your idiotic beliefs. Help Alabama instead of harming the state. I hope you are OUT of office soon!
Jan 10, 2016 Glen Anderson
Jan 10, 2016 Kristine Cormier
Jan 10, 2016 Jody Mahnken
Jan 10, 2016 Joyce Dixon
Jan 10, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Jan 3, 2016 Rochelle Chambless
Dec 26, 2015 Andrelene Babbitt
Dec 17, 2015 Karin Borjesson
Dec 14, 2015 Wesley Cowan
Dec 11, 2015 Richard Bosboom
Dec 9, 2015 kathleen conroy
Dec 8, 2015 Peggy Hollenbach
Dec 7, 2015 Shannon Sicocan
Dec 6, 2015 (Name not displayed) No legislator would work for the salary paid to those entrusted with the most important task concerning our children. Pay them what they are worthy of.
Dec 6, 2015 Natasha Moore
Dec 6, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Dec 6, 2015 Jeanine Mielke
Dec 6, 2015 Robert Parker
Dec 6, 2015 Javier Aguilar
Dec 6, 2015 Margaret Denn
Dec 4, 2015 Leah Pintilie Senator McGill, If you want the best and brightest educating your children, so the children get the best education possible, then you have to compete for those educated individuals, enticing them to become teachers rather than something else.
Dec 2, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Dec 2, 2015 (Name not displayed)

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