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Long Live Real Books!

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This book store in Canada proves that real books can't be beat. By using stop-motion animation and a gorgeous array of books, this video will remind you why books still rule. Watch it here »

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Help Brandee and her classmates attend school

Brandee lives in a remote village in southwest Arizona. Her school is an hour and a half bus ride away, and the grocery store is off the reservation, and an hour and a half drive from home. Brandee describes her village as very poor, where a lot of people don't have a home or food.

"When I grow up I want to be either a baker or a scientist. I want to be a baker because my mom was a baker. At school I'm in gifted and talented and we are making a lot of stuff that makes me think I want to be a scientist. Right now I'm trying to make little car that will come to you like robotics. Another thing I want to be is an artist. I want to sell these animals that I color. If I sell the animal pictures I want go give some money to charity and then give some to my mom and grandma. I want to give to my mom because it's expensive to take care of me. I want to give to my grandma so she can buy something for herself. She always gives all her money away taking care of other people and I want her to have some money all for herself that she won't give away. I want to have a job so I can take care of my mom and grandma like they take care of me." – Brandee

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