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Stop Nets from Killing Our Sea Turtles and Sharks

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Join us in ending the use of shark nets in New South Wales, which kill more endangered marine life than they protect beachgoers.

In New South Wales, shark nets designed to improve swimmer safety are causing a crisis underwater, capturing and killing a vast majority of non-target marine species. Recent data shows that over 90% of the creatures caught by these nets were not sharks, but rather critically endangered and protected marine animals1.

The Devastating Impact on Marine Biodiversity

During the eight-month shark meshing season, spanning from September to April, 208 non-target marine creatures including turtles, dolphins, and smaller sharks were ensnared in these nets. Shockingly, more than half of these animals did not survive2. This indiscriminate killing undermines conservation efforts and disrupts vital marine ecosystems.

Public Outcry and Government Response

Despite the known impacts, the nets were reinstalled prematurely, without proper consultation from coastal councils, and against the advice of environmental experts1. The public backlash has been strong, with growing calls for more sustainable approaches to shark management. Alternatives such as drone surveillance and SMART drumlines, already in use on every netted beach, are proving effective, highlighting the redundancy and destructiveness of shark nets4.

Shifting to Sustainable Solutions

Community awareness and scientific evidence are driving a shift toward innovative technologies that protect both humans and marine life without causing harm. These alternatives not only reduce the risk of shark encounters but also preserve our marine biodiversity, supporting the health of our oceans3.

Your Voice Matters

The time for change is now. The continued use of shark nets is a policy that serves neither our community's safety nor our environmental responsibilities.

Sign our petition and help us urge the NSW Government and the Department of Primary Industries to end this outdated practice. Together, we can champion a strategy that respects and protects our marine environment.

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The Petition:

We, the undersigned, urgently call on the Government of New South Wales and the Department of Primary Industries to implement a full ban on the use of shark nets across the state's beaches. Recent data reveal a distressing reality: over 90% of marine animals captured in these nets are not the intended target species, including critically endangered grey nurse sharks and several species of endangered turtles.

These nets, intended to protect beachgoers, are instead causing irreversible harm to our marine ecosystems. More than half of the non-target species trapped are killed, a stark indication of the inefficiency and destructiveness of this outdated method. The bycatch ratio, which heavily skews towards harming non-target animals, is unacceptable by any conservation standard.

Alternative technologies such as drone surveillance, SMART drumlines, and other non-lethal methods have proven to be effective in reducing the risk of shark encounters while minimizing environmental impact. These innovations not only preserve marine life but also align better with the public's increasing environmental consciousness and the global move towards sustainable practices.

By banning shark nets, we can protect our marine biodiversity, support the health of our oceans, and ensure a safer, more sustainable future for all life connected by these waters. We urge immediate action to end this harmful practice and move towards more humane and effective shark management strategies.


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