Francisco Guerreros from Peru

Artisan Francisco Guerreros

"My name is Francisco Guerreros. I was born in 1961, and now am a single father to a beautiful girl named Mari Luz. I started working when I was 19 years old. At that time, I helped my oldest brother out by painting pictures (he's a painter). Nowadays, I consider myself a genuine artist. I learned to paint through my brother, but I've now expanded my artwork beyond just painting: I have been working with all types of ceramics as well. The process of working with ceramic is very intricate and complex, but I truly enjoy it. I also enjoy creating new designs, so that my paintings and ceramics will always depict something novel. It has been 20 years since I have started producing art, and now I hope that it can be seen and sold throughout the world."

To create his wonderful ceramics, the artist first shapes the piece and smooths it with sandpaper. Then it is soaked in water to remove any bubbles that may burst under the picture once it is painted. It is dried, then painted with a white base, dried again, and sanded once more. After this last surface sanding, it is finally painted, then given a coat of lacquer.

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