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Sponsor a Literacy Site Scholarship for a Girl in India

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Help a girl in rural Rajasthan, India attend school!

In India's northwestern state of Rajasthan, an underdeveloped, severe desert region on Pakistan's border, literacy rates are extremely low, especially among women.

Fifty bright, motivated girls at The Fabindia School in this harsh region need tuition help--the $25 per month tuition is simply an impossible expense for their families.

Sponsor a Literacy Site Scholar at The Fabindia School--just $25 keeps a young girl in school for an entire month!

Since its inception, the school has been committed to encouraging education for girls in a culture where most parents who can afford school would send only their sons. To accomplish this, the school has a policy of subsidizing their tuition. In addition, the school enrolls and subsidizes tuition for children from socially and economically marginalized communities who otherwise would not have access to a quality education.

The Fabindia School is a non-religious, non-profit, private school for boys and girls ages three through 17. With a library, science lab, computer center, sports fields, and a forested area, as well as a remarkable teacher-student ratio of 1:24, The Fabindia School offers an exceptional education to more than 700 students. It is a matter of pride that girls hold many leadership posts in the school.

Progress Report, September 2017

Thanks to YOUR donations, The Fabindia School was able to give partial scholarships to two girls in rural India. What sets the Fabindia School apart is their holistic approach to a well-rounded education. On top of studies, the school also offers extra-curricular programs and invests in Professional Development programs for their teachers. In August of 2017, the school's Under 17 Girls Football Team participated in a tournament organized at Heritage Girls School, Udaipur.

One of the girls that has been able to get an education because of your generosity is Kinajal Rao (pictured to the right). She had this to share with us:

"I am very thankful to those who are helping me by sponsoring my scholarship. My mother left me when my father was ill and then my father died after a few days, when I was just two months old. Now, my grandmother takes care of me, but she is very old. My grandfather died when my father was young. My grandmother works very hard to earn money to support us, and she would be unable to pay my school fees without this scholarship. I am very grateful to be getting this scholarship. With my education, I can become successful and support my grandmother when I grow up."

Krisha Dave - March 2017


“The school has been a blessing indeed to me! I have achieved a lot exploring myself in debates, artwork and singing. This school is best for all those students who want to become successful in life. Here all teachers are understanding and kind. I participated in school’s first Orchestra performance ever in 2015 Annual Day celebrations! I learned to play guitar! This has been my biggest achievement I could ever dream of.” Krisha Dave (pictured center), age 13, Class VIII

Progress Report, May 2015

This year, GreaterGood.org and The Literacy Site sponsored five hopeful scholars from Rajasthan, in North-West, India. In this region of india, female literacy rates are some of the worst in the country, and parents are still reluctant to educate their daughters. Generous donors completely funded an entire year of schooling for three students, and we are on our way to funding the remaining two girls. The Fabindia School is committed to providing a high quality, affordable education for girls from pre-school through Class 12 in High School.

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