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Provide Prosthetic Legs for Children In the Philippines

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Children from rural areas in the Phillippines need your help to receive prosthetic limbs. Help us reach our goal of giving 12 children prosthetic devices from October of 2017 to September of 2018, one child per month.

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Children from rural areas live far from service providers who are willing and able to help them. Many of these children and their families have been waiting for many years for the opportunity to receive a prosthetic leg so they can walk, rather than hop or use crutches. They are in need of transportation, lodging, food, shoes and a small co-payment to obtain these services, along with an advocating group to help them through the process.

Seeds of Dignity is working to provide these services and the copayment fee. The families are charged no fees for this assistance. Seven children have already received prosthetic legs in 2017 and are now adjusting to walking with two legs for the first time in their lives.

One of those children was Eljun, pictured in the main photograph above. Eljun is a very active three-year-old boy from Trento in Agusan del Sur. Eljun lives with his grandparents. At the age of one, Eljun lost his leg due to a domestic violence incident. He has adapted to having one leg, however, over time this would have resulted in reduced mobility and issues with his hips. His grandmother was very interested in finding help for Eljun. He was brought to Davao in March and introduced to SOD Ministries.In July, he received his leg and underwent gait training and physical therapy. On the 13th of July, he returned home walking on two legs. Later, as he grows older, he will return to Davao for reassessment and refitting. Like all other cases, SOD paid for shoes, socks, lodging, meals, transportation and his $150 co-payment.

You can help! For just $150, lives like Eljun's can be changed. Your donations can provide one child each month with a prosthetic limb.

Seeds of Dignity's mission is to help less fortunate Filipinos to break out of the long-term bondage of poverty through strategic partnerships.

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