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From Her Voice, For Her Education - Rinku

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Rinku is a passionate 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Kolkata, India. Though the slums hold few educational opportunities—particularly for girls—Rinku is determined to finish high school. Girls' Voices, a signature program of GreaterGood.org, is working with Salt Lake City Prayasam to make sure Rinku can stay in school!

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Thanks to YOUR generous contributions, Rinku has been fully funded for her senior year of school! Now our goal is to continue supporting Rinku's education. Your donations will help Rinku go on to university!

About Rinku:

Kolkata, India
Video Title
Coping Chaos
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"In the present times, education is very essential, not only to make career but also in daily life. However, here in India, the pattern of the education system is limited, and we need to go further than regular school to succeed."–Rinku

Like many girls in Kolkata, Rinku must attend tutoring classes in order to pass her final exams. The number of tutoring centers available is limited, so Rinku must travel to a neighboring community each day to attend school. The journey to and from the center is long, and it is already late into the evening by the time that she arrives home. As she returns from her tutoring classes, she must walk past the young boys who spend their evenings smoking, drinking, and playing cards. They taunt her with lewd comments and derogatory remarks as she passes. The harassment Rinku has experienced leaves her mother reluctant to continue sending her to classes, and the extreme poverty facing the family keeps them from continuing to be able to afford the tutoring fees, let alone safe transportation.

Rinku wants to finish school, and she wants to improve the education system for girls like her. In India, girls have limited opportunities for recreation, as they are expected to focus solely on their academics and domestic chores. Rinku wants to become a community leader who can make life better for others, and one thing she will do is provide more creative outlets for girls, ensuring they have the same opportunities and access as boys do.

You can help. For just $7.00, you can send Rinku to school for one week! Help Rinku make it to the finish line, finish high school, and become a leader in her community!

About Girls Voices:

Girls' Voices is a signature program of GreaterGood.org intended to raise funds for girls' secondary education through media made by girls. Our goal is for girls around the world to connect to their voice, their dreams for their education, and use the power of digital media to create images, stories, and visual metaphors that can communicate their strength and potential to the world. The intention of this project is to empower girls to utilize videography and to raise funds, 100% of which will directly contribute to scholarship funds for girls facing financial barriers to completing secondary education.

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Salt Lake City Prayasam's mission is to organize and develop the children and youth, especially girls, of slum areas as empowered change agents by forming groups and sustainable advocacy on Public Health, Popular Education, hygiene and sanitation within their communities.

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