Give Teachers the Right to Collectively Bargain in Wisconsin!

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Don't let Governor Scott Walker take away the rights of public employees!

The recent labor standoff in Wisconsin has highlighted several rips in the current US labor system — perhaps most importantly, that public employees need to be given the voice with which to fight for and receive their rights.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has proposed an increase in the amount public employees — namely, teachers — pay for their benefits and healthcare. More upsetting is that he's trying to also limit their ability to bargain for their rights.

This action is completely unfair. Collective bargaining is a right that should not be taken away from public employees. The issue isn't Republican or Democrat; plain and simply, it's a matter of basic rights.

Sign the petition calling on Governor Scott Walker to support public employees' rights to collectively bargain for fair wages and working conditions.

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The Petition:

Dear Governor Scott Walker,

I am writing to express my thoughts about your proposal to both increase the amount of money public employees have to pay for their healthcare and pensions, as well as your idea to limit their collective bargaining rights.

As the representative of your state, you have the obligation to properly and fairly represent those who live and work there. It seems, however, you're doing just the opposite by attempting to block the rights and fair treatment of teachers in Wisconsin.

While I understand the need to reduce state debt, placing the burden on our public employees simply makes no sense. You're fighting for one cause while only exacerbating another.

Please find another way to finance Wisconsin's debt without stripping public employees of their rights.

Thank you for your time.

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4/28/2014 The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit upheld Wisconsin's controversial Budget Repair Bill [Act 10] which significantly limits the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions. Union attorneys are currently reviewing the decision and talking with clients before deciding on whether to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sign now to show your support for their fight for collective bargaining rights!
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